Lucid dreaming — Happy hours, appraisals and promotions

Stories and encounters from my dreams.

Contrary to what one might think of when they hear the words “Happy Hour's”, it was a post-work hour date with management that was called into session once a year when hiring, firing, promotions, demotions and appraisals could be set into motion on the fly, within hours!

Pretty scare right? I mean it came with its own perks but also for anyone underperforming, it was a nightmare.

They didn’t have a set time, and they didn’t have a set hour. But they were applicable for the entire set of people who were in office on the given day and time, within a few hours notice. So if you weren't already in the office, you would want to rush in at a moments notice. If you already were, you probably were going to get lucky or very unlucky, basis your performance in the year so far.

That day, we were in the middle of a meeting, it was raining cats and dogs outside, and that was probably why it seemed like we had all decided to stay in for a bit longer and finish off work. I had taken on some extra workload. In fact, I had just finished presenting something big and interesting to my boss when everyone got notified via email that it was ‘Happy hours’ in another hours time.

Eyes lit up. Unsure expressions were exchanged, a few giggles were heard and my boss looked up to all our faces and said “Well, welcome to your first happy hours! I guess we’re the lucky bunch this time as in this mad rain, there might not be many who will come or make it to the office right now.

The first thing we were told was that we were not to worry and that our jobs were safe. The ‘firing’ part of happy hours was rarely ever seen. But of course, the late evening office is not such a cheerful place to be, not because we didn’t love our jobs, but because the added stress if ‘Happy hours’ themselves were a little nerve wrecking!

Nonetheless, not like just because we were all in office meant we were about to get lucky. It just meant, if there was a shot, a chance, a development, if someone did get summoned, we’d get to hear about it first!

Something happened, as soon as the voices settled about the news, V stood up and walked over to our boss and called him out of our Social Media Command Center to talk.

Err.. what? Was she going to ask for a raise!? Go V! What if its something else?

Few moments passed, and then our boss peered into the room from the door and called D out too.

That left me, N, P and S in the room, conscious, confused and looking at each other. What was happening?? Was this planned? Or did we miss a birthday surprise notice?

Some 30 minutes later, everyone came back in. Sat down at their desks and pretended as if nothing major just went down.

Boss looked around at our faces, looked down at his watch and asked us if we should order dinner while we waited for 30 mins for Happy hours to begin.

So that’s what we did. And exactly 30 minutes later, our HRBP and big boss walk into the room.

We see big boss walk in like a cool cat and all of us stand up to pay our respects and he hushes us to sit down.

He comes to the center of the table and our boss joins him, while the HRBP finds a place to fit, opens his laptop as is ready to take down a MOM or notes.

Wow, this is really happening?!

“Its been brought to notice that we’re short staffed, and our roles and responsibilities have grown…” our Boss says. “So it’s definitely not the best news to start this session with by letting you all know that V has decided to move on and she has asked for her early release in just two weeks!”

“Big boss and i have decided we’ll grant her this today, and honourably discharge her with our best wishes for the future. This is not a short decision.. we’ve been trying to hold her back for a while now. She had in fact put down her papers three months ago…”

W-h-a-t t-h-e f-u-c-k!? Is this for real? I was sure everyone else felt exactly the same.

“… Further more, it seems D has been asked to be reassigned to the Brand team by N and SL…” boss stops and gives a laugh continuing, “So that brings down our numbers by almost half. And since I’ve recently been given more responsibilities, its only fair that you’re grown with me. Officially.”

Wow. Interesting, alarmed and amazed expressions were seen around the room.

Just then the web, crm and media team also walk into the room to spectate, joining us to sit down while boss went on.

“From that POV, and as you all know, N is also moving on at the end of the month, here are some changes big boss and myself feel will ensure we keep running smoothly as a team.

“B, since you’re working with a handy-cap right now, and since you worked so closely with V up till now…”

Crap! I thought to myself. I’m getting the boot right?

“We want to hand over social media planning and reporting officially to you. SMCC will now report to you and you to me. Which means you will now have the entire smcc team of 7 and adding two copywriters to the team to support your work. Also given the expansion of the role, we’re bumping up your salary by 20% as we acknowledge we hired you at the same package as you were on previously and below manager level last year which is under your experience level. You can talk to our HRBP after this meeting ends.”

I freeze, out of surprise and about how unexpected this change is! Boss realllllly does look out for all of us. Also how useful the extra cash right now was.

“Moving on, S, we’re adding a team of three to your support, as sub digital content cell, and they will also sit out of smcc. They will also travel with you or handle the editing part in your absence. You will fully be responsible for their movement and work. Also we’re bumping up your salary by 30% given your salary base being smaller along with this. You may also reach out and talk to our HRBP post this meeting.”

I look at S, he looks at me and we both air hi5 out of excitement while others cheer us on for the next 15 seconds.

Big boss stands up at this point, tell us its well deserved and that he wants to see us grow and expand here to our full potential. And tells us how he has very high expectations from us.

With this, big boss declares the Happy Hours as closes and leaves the room with our boss and HRBP.

Wow! Some dream this was.. this was a dream i had a week ago. And i woke up out of excitement from my dream at this point.

And then today, 16th September, 2021, S and I got the below mail. And this makes all this seem a little too crazy and a little too real!!

Reminder, don’t take lucid dreams lightly! They are after all part of your manifestations, intuition or maybe both!?



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